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Barbie House

Playing with Barbie, her friends, pets, and accessories is all great fun for young girls. They love to make believe they are Barbie and enjoying her life. There are many versions of Barbie’s house that have come out over the years. Most of them are elaborate and have several stories to them. Some even feature a working elevator. Many of the modern ones have lights that work and even music that plays and a working door bell. These more expensive Barbie houses cost about $200.

These Barbie homes come with furniture and accessories so that Barbie can live a life of luxury. The scaled down pieces of furniture are available in order to ensure everyone has fun. There are small cups and plates and even a dishwasher they can be placed into. There is a shower and a bathtub for her to relax in. Some even feature a swimming pool on the deck where Barbie and her friends have fun relaxing in the sun and cooling off in the water.

The designs of the Barbie house give girls plenty of room for their playing and enjoyment. They get to have wide open spaces on them from the backside so that they are easily accessible. Mattel continues to make changes to the Barbie houses depending on what is taking place in society. For example they introduced a friend of Barbie that was in a wheelchair. Some people complained that it was too wide to fit into the elevator of Barbie’s home. As a result there were new designs implemented for future versions of it.

Having a doll house is very common for young girls. The name of Barbie attached to various models certain gets people to buy them though. Most of them are lightweight but also very durable. They are also simple to put together. Most girls will get plenty of play time out of them. The Barbie house will likely still be in very good shape when they decide they are too old to play with it.

Many of these abandoned Barbie houses end up at yard sales or online auction sites for a very low price. This is a great way to get your child what they want without spending very much money to do so. Take a look around to see what is out there both in the way of new and used Barbie houses.

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