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Sometime later there was a new addition to the range as Barbie needed a companion so along came "Ken" who in real life was Barbara's brother and this new male was modelled on him, so now both children had a doll they could call their own. Can you imagine going to school and telling your friends that the most popular couple of that moment were you and your brother, would they actually believe you? In spite of being accused of encouraging Anorexia because of her ultra slim body shape she has weathered the storm and gone from strength to strength, especially as new innovations came along such as in 1965 her legs were made "bendable" a milestone at that time, then there's the various "fashion" periods she indulges in and also the addition of being "Brunette" as opposed to the blonde we were all used to. Other additions included over time the introduction of Kimmie, Kelly and Stacie as well as dogs and cats.

Barbie comes in all types from High Fashion to Beach Wear, and Ballerina to Mermaid as well as Various Professions. Then there's the dolls from many countries in National Costume and all the trappings,and of course her wedding outfits, there's also her men friends and transport as well as her homes, shoes, handbags and all the things needed to make a girls life as fashionable as possible, no dowdiness allowed in Barbies world.

Every little girl, whether she's 3 or 93 has all her wishes come true when she gets given her hearts desire as a gift and now that's she's turned 50 years old in 2009 there are as many "older" little girls who cherish her as much as there are young girls who just can't live without her particularly as she's such a wonderful Collector Doll in her exquisite Gold Lame dress with its superb wrap around bow over the bodice and those Chandelier Earrings provide a knock out WOW!!! effect. This doll has her own stand for you to display her on a desk, table or in a display case but be aware she is so "touchable" that people will want to "touch" her so keep her safe so as not to spoil that elegant shimmering, stunning bejewelled gown.

After many years Barbie the movie star has begun a new era. Yes, Mattel have finally agreed to letting Barbie star in the Pixar/Disney Toy Story 3 and this Christmas is she a winner, you had better believe it. Her co-stars include Buzz and Woody as well as other great features exclusive to this series and I'm sure demand will outstrip supply so an early purchase would be wise if you're thinking of getting one of these as a gift for your "girl."

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