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Oh Give Me A Home, Where The Barbies Can Roam

Little girls love their Barbie dolls. They've been popular for a few generations now, but there's a chronic problem these dolls face. They don't all have a special home to call their own.

You can solve this problem for her Barbies and make yourself very popular with that little girl by giving her Barbie dolls a home to call their own. No more getting her hair mussed, crowded in the toy box. Barbie and her friends can live in a glamorous home you might envy yourself... although they're often a little short on square footage for the rest of us.

Barbie dolls don't ask for much from their homes. A simple, multi story dwelling, already furnished is all they really ask for. Is that so much?

A great house isn't just Barbie's dream, of course. It's the dream of your little girl, who wants the perfect place to play with her dolls.

You can find the perfect one for your little girl with just a little shopping. There's the three story tall dream house with all the amenities, even a string pulled elevator. Those dolls will be living in comfort most of us would be glad to have.

That's the house many of us grew up with either having or desperately wanting for our own Barbies. It's a classic doll house that has been updated and brought back.

There's the vacation home for those who want something that can be moved around a bit more. It's great for when you don't want Barbie's home in the middle of the floor all of the time.

Not every house has to have Barbie's name on it to be just right. Other companies make great homes that fit Barbie and similar dolls just fine. They're perfect for the family that doesn't need all her accessories to be bright pink.

These homes usually come already furnished. You won't have to buy tons of furniture for your little girl's dolls just because she now has a home. You can buy more furniture, but it's not an absolute must. Wouldn't we all like it to be so easy?

The one warning to consider is that they usually come with many small pieces, which can be an issue if you have children around who are young enough to put parts in their mouths. On the other hand, if your little girl has a Barbie you're probably already dealing with that sort of issue due to shoes and other accessories.

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